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Pinot Noir

  • Reverence amongst wine makers and wine connoisseurs

    The ancient grape variety of Pinot Noir has a position of reverence amongst wine makers and wine connoisseurs like no other variety in the world of wine.  A delicate and thin-skinned grape, it can be incredibly temperamental and frustrating to grow however when successful it can produce some of the most alluring wines in the world. This site is dedicated to all things Pinot Noir... more

  • Growing Pinot Noir

    Pinot is a difficult grape to work with. It's hard to get a consistent, great Pinot and the problem starts with the plant. Pinot Noir is genetically unstable. A parent plant can produce a plant with wildly different berry size and shape and even flavour. Cabernet Sauvignon has 12 genetically individual clones but Pinot Noir has up to 1,000 possible clones... more


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